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Who Am I? 

I'm a first year law student at Leeds Beckett University. I'm excited and passionate to dive into the legal industry at the earliest opportunity. 


Throughout this blog, I aim to empower and support law students on their journey. I aim to share advice, guidance and experience, whilst diving into current legal issues and developing topics of conversation. 

Digital Boundaries: What actions could an employer take?

In recent years, the sprawling effect of social media has transfused every aspect of modern life, including the workplace. Behind the casual tweets, shares, and posts are underlying currents of speech that can occasionally turn into topics of controversy, discrimination, or political activism. Controversial speech includes expressions that challenge societal norms and provoke discussions; discriminatory speech, however, targets individuals or groups based on identity characteristics that lead to exclusion or harm; and political speech relates to commentary on political figures, policies, or events that often polarise opinion. These forms of expression can be problematic for employers as they navigate the complex interplay between an individual's freedom of speech and the potential impact such expressions might have on the workplace dynamics, public perception, and legal responsibilities of an organisation.

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Guide for Law Students

Starting law school can be a daunting task. Still, it is an essential step in shaping the future legal professionals of our society. Success in this field requires empowerment, as law students face many academic challenges, employer expectations, and ethical responsibilities. To help you during your journey, this guide provides guidance to overcome these obstacles.

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Make Your Own Opportunities

To thrive in the ever-changing legal sector, it's essential to take charge of your career path. Rarely do opportunities just show up; they're earned through active effort.

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