About Me


I am currently a law student at Leeds Beckett University, pursuing my LLB (Hons) degree. My name is Adelina Skarra, and I have always been passionate about a career in the legal industry.

My journey towards this career path began at the age of sixteen when I enrolled in a large college in the South Wales valleys to study law as an A Level. Coming from a background of Welsh-speaking schools, I made the decision to pursue my education in English, believing that it would provide me with a better understanding of the law.

However, my time at college was not without its challenges. I faced setbacks, a lack of motivation, and a sense of aimlessness. Despite high aspirations, I struggled to find the drive to succeed. It was a difficult period for me, and I knew I needed to make a change in order to reignite my passion for the legal field.

It was through a programme called ‘Pathways to Law’ with Cardiff University and Sutton Trust that I found the support and opportunities I needed. This programme opened the doors to work experience, workshops, and networking, helping me to regain my motivation and determination to pursue a career in law.

Despite regaining my passion, I still had doubts about my ability to continue on to university. However, I pushed through the insecurity and anxiety and am now a semester into my first year at Leeds Beckett University. I am determined and eager to make the most of this opportunity and have been consistent in my efforts throughout my first semester.

As I continue my journey, I am actively exploring the different career paths within the legal industry, particularly the roles of solicitors and barristers. I find the analysis and evaluation aspect of a solicitor’s role intriguing, as well as the closer client engagement. On the other hand, I am drawn to the debating, construction of arguments, and court process aspect of a barrister position.

Who else am I?

Despite my passion for law and determination to succeed as a legal professional, my personality holds many more traits. This section of my page will delve deeper into who I am outside of law.