As a First Year Student…

Published on 9 February 2024 at 12:00

…there may be many stereotypes of what I would plan to do with my free time. It’s the beginning of the university experience.

But that’s not me.

I spend my days scrolling through Linked In, completing preparation and looking for as many opportunities as I possibly can. And by doing so, I have found connections, built relationships and attended some amazing events that have only benefited me in my attempt to build a career in the legal sector.

However, aside from university, there is only placements / work experience available to me (and that too is extremely limited for first-year students).

I may be a beginner. I may be unsure of many things. But what I am certain about is my desire to engage and be apart of a community that share this passion for law. Yes… I am passionate about perusing this as a career.

Nearly every time I begin an application, I scroll through the description, key information and expectations. My hopes and excitement build up… and then I reach eligibility. (This is something that I have definitely grown to hate since beginning university as) I am constantly faced with the factor; ‘penultimate or final year students’. It’s disheartening. It knocks your motivation and drive to continue.

Let us be apart of these amazing opportunities!

My generation are YOUR future solicitors, barristers but most importantly legal professionals. Engage, encourage and entice us now. Why wait?

As a representative for those first-year students who are committed to a future in the legal industry, we want to be eligible. Our drive is there. Our passion keeps us consistent.

Help us engage, connect and network today. Why wait for next year?